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Are you farming for production or profit?

BioAgriNomics is an independent agricultural and fertiliser advisory company. The company specialises in linking soil conditioning, plant nutrition, animal health and farm productivity with ‘smart fertilisers’ and smart farm management practices. This includes the development of good soil physical, chemical and biological properties that promote crop and pasture production, pasture quality and stock performance. The natural capital of the farm is thus maximised to improve farm productivity, profitability, food quality and environmental outcome.

Pastoral grazing and cropping on flat to rolling country

VSA Field Guide for Wheat

Mission Statement

To provide farmers and the agricultural industry with sound (science and evidence based) advice to enable them to improve soil and food quality and become more profitable, sustainable and efficient while also sequestering soil carbon and maintaining a low environmental footprint

My Vision

To make a positive difference to the farming sector and the environment 

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